Revismo Interior Challenge 2022

For the first time, Revismo 3d Studio announces a design challenge! Every day our designers create many beautiful images and designs for our customers, but what happens when you let our designers free and allow them to experiment with their limits? We gave six designers an empty space and let them to make it exactly the vision they felt it needed to be. We asked them to open up themselves and their creativity to all the audience, and now we are delighted to see the overflowing inspiration that has come from their souls/inside.

Each work is different and each picture tells its own story. Not everything can be black and white and precisely defined/framed. We have now put these works, which have been created on the edge of the imagination, in front of the public, so that we can choose the story whose visual has reached the hearts of the most people.

The audience's vote for the favorite design, and its author will be crowned the winner. Voting lasts until August 28, and the winner will be announced by the beginning of September.

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Author: Arno


Description Designer wants to launch his 3D modelling software - 3Ds Max and is waiting for it to load. In the meantime, nature has forced its way inside the house, but yet he is still waiting, unaware of his surroundings. Close up image shows that long loading time is caused by the missing last installation floppy disk, which has caused corrupted installation.


Author: Janek


Description The rustic style has been one of my favourites and I wanted to try to create something in this style and see how it would turn out.


Author: Jarmo

Title: LOFT 007

Description Interior design for James Bond. A special feature element is Aston Martin DB6 under the glass floor. The design idea came from a car toy model.


Author: Karl


Description This apartment would definitely belong to a designer or at least someone who enjoys minimalistic but at the same time colourful design. The Loft was designed to be a place of peace and quiet. Upstairs, one can find a home office area to do creative and productive work from home and enjoy the view of the urban environment from the large window that this apartment has. Downstairs is meant to be a joyful and colourful living room accompanied by an open-plan kitchen area to share with guests and friends.


Author: Lev

Title: OASIS

Description Surrealistic space from dreams is a place of calm and seclusion from stress and problems of the outside World. It is so quiet and calm here that a door is not required.


Author: Nadezda


Description This interior is a combination of different styles – from classic to contemporary elements. The idea was to show how heavy materials like old damaged bricks can get along very well with light and fragile materials like glass. A lot of greenery was added to give the restaurant some cozy and homey feeling.


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