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Revismo 3D Studio continues under a new name – Nordic Render!

Posted on 12 Jan 2024

On the 10th of January 2024, we unveiled our new name and logo. After more than 10 years in business, we continue our journey towards new and exciting developments!

Our team has created thousands of renderings (3D images), worked on projects in different corners of the world and been part of exciting collaborations with inspiring people.  Like any journey, ours has encountered twists and turns. We acknowledge that perfection is a rarity, but our driving force has always been the motivation and determination to bring each project to its best possible outcome.

All this experience and knowledge is a result of our fantastic and loyal clients, partners, and the dedicated team that has empowered us to dream bigger today! 

To embrace new and exciting developments, we have undergone a rebranding process, resulting in a new company name and visual identity. The new look will better convey our work, mission, and existence. Revismo 3D Studio will continue under the name Nordic Render.

What’s behind our name?

NORDIC – or Nordic style. This style is known in the design world for its purity, clarity, high quality and practicality. It is the Nordic style that best describes our approach to our work and the values we value.

RENDER – or 3D image. Rendering is the final process in 3D visualization, whereby a textured 3D model is transformed into a true-to-life image.

We are full of new energy!